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Here at Still Waters, we are committed to maintaining our vineyard in the most sustainable, healthy way possible. We are proudly SIP certified- the wine/vineyard industry standard for sustainability. What this means is implementation of a variety of best practices in the vineyard to ensure our stewardship extends to our physical environment, not just making delicious wines. That includes an intimate knowledge of the vineyard cycle and implementing those best practices

One way we do this is planting cover crops. January is the perfect time to explore this practice and see vivid examples in our own vineyard. Soil is (obviously) a crucial component of the growing process. In order for the vines to grow, the soil needs to be healthy, well tended, and ultimately protected from the elements. A cover crop is an important technique used for soil protection and promoting healthy grapes for the future. We utilize a cover crop for a variety of reasons, but we are particularly interested in erosion control, gopher deterrents, we growth prevention, and increased water infiltration. A healthy cover crop allows our tractors to be able to access the vineyard, thanks to the added organic material strengthening the soil (the alternative is a muddy morass that will have you up to your ankles in mud come a rain storm!).

We utilize several different types of cover crops, however this year, Paul has chosen barley. Barley is planted in every other row, in alternating years. This helps encourage natural grass growth in the “off” years and all around, increases the vigor of the vineyard. Once the barley is about 2 feet high, we will mow and mulch is down into the row, to continue on the cycle. This is just one way that we implement SIP certified practices to minimize our environmental impact and maximize our vineyard health for delicious wine production!

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Santa isn’t Stressed, so Why Should You Be?!

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This time of year can be pretty stressful and busy, but Still Waters Vineyards has the perfect last minute gift ideas! Watch the videos attached for some tips. Stop in the tasting room today to pick out your favorite gifts and enjoy a nice glass of wine too. Cheers to you all!


IMG_9489 (1)

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Christmas Gift Ideas – Still Waters Vineyards Themed

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Happy Holidays! Christmas is just around the corner, can you believe it?? Below are a few Still Waters Vineyards gift ideas along with the retail price. Join the club for discounts on wine, olive oil, and logo items. Free to sign up!

Gifts $30 or Less

  • Balsamic Vinegar and Bottle Pourer – $18.38
  • Cork Cage and Soap – $23.54
  • Olive Oil and Bottle Pourer  -$24.38
  • Succulent and Bottle of Wine – $27.89
  • Olive Oil and Olives – $27.99
  • Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar – $30.00


Gifts $50 or Less

  • Champagne and Bottle Stopper – $35.66
  • Hat and Tshirt – $38.61
  • Fisherman Red Blend and Cuvee Blanc – Starting at $47.19


Gifts $100 or Less

  • Olive Oil, Frog Balls, and Picnic Blanket -$53.73
  • Bottle of wine and Zip-Up Sweatshirt – $66.50
  • Hat and Vest – $79.37


Gifts $200 or Less

  • Mix and Match Case – Starting at $128.71
  • Vest and 2 Bottles of Barrel Select Cabernet – $180.18


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An October Flashback…

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October was a busy month but we loved every minute of it! Thank you to all who came out to the tasting room and helped to make this month’s events so fun!


We started with this month’s First Friday where we released our Grenache and paired it with dark chocolate, cheese and crackers. What a delight.


Next, we had our Fall Pickup Party, what a turn out! We had live music, small appetizers, and plenty of wine. There was delicious wine, beautiful weather, and even amazing company. We are looking forward to the next party!


We We finished our summer concert series with a new favorite band and can’t wait to plan the 2019 season! Harvest Festival rounded out the busy month with our first annual movie night, Harvest Olympics, and more awesome live music. Now that October is coming to a close, we are looking forward to November and all that it has in store. Come out and enjoy wines, olive oil, and views. While you’re at it, bring a picnic and stay awhile!


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What better way to celebrate Fall in Paso Robles than with one of our favorite varieties, Merlot?! October was national Merlot month, we’re keeping the Merlot party going into November!


Merlot, a French variety, comes from the word “merle” meaning “blackbird.” This grape is great, not just for blending but as a stand alone. Merlot is the second most planted grape in the world and the most planted in Bodeauex. Just like us, Merlot is made from something. Cab Franc is the father of merlot and the mother is Magdeliene Noire des Charentes. This grape is old, estoic and was discovered through DNA testing.


Merlot is a special variety here at Still Waters. Our growing conditions are ideally suited to grow quality, delicious merlot grapes. Often considered a “non-merlot” Merlot, ours is of well balanced tannins, acid, bright ripe fruit flavors of cherry and plum. A merlot can pair with a wide variety of foods – roast chicken, Thanksgiving dinner, red pasta and so much more!

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2018 Harvest Update

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Still Waters Vineyards has begun harvest and we couldn’t be more excited! So far, we have picked Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Viognier, Syrah Rose, Merlot, and Chardonnay. Paul says this could be one of the best years of harvest for the white varieties. This year has been a great harvest so far but also a great adventure because we have added a new machine to help us in the picking process, The Pellenc. Watch the video here!

This is a thrill, but also an adjustment. We are loving every minute of this process and learning about the new machine. The Pellenc allows us to pick faster and give us more time to tend to the grapes after the picking has taken place. As we move along through the next couple of months, we will start picking the red varieties, finishing with Cabernet Franc in the middle of November.

During this harvest season, we always look forward to the Harvest Festival, October 19-21. This year we will have a movie night on Friday @7pm. Come enjoy “The Three Amigos” on the big screen, a glass of wine, and a bbq dinner. On Saturday we will have our 3rd Annual Wine Olympics event which includes a grape stomp, a barrel roll, wine trivia, and some soft accoustic music. This will be from 12pm-3pm. Come earlier and stay longer for some extended Still Waters fun. On Sunday we will have live music by Julie Beaver and The Rockin’ B’s from 1pm-4pm. We will have some small bites offered, but feel free to bring food for a picnic. Come enjoy the grounds all weekend!

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Wine 4 Paws & Picture Perfect Sunday Recap

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A few photos from the first weekend of April! Not only was it Wine 4 Paws weekend, but our first Picture Perfect Sunday concert of the season! Our guests (2 legged and 4 legged) spent the afternoon in the sunshine listening to local favorite Ricky Montijo. If you missed our first concert, don’t worry! You have 6 more opportunities this season. Definitely don’t miss out of Mother’s Day (May 13th) with Louie Ortega!

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Roll Out the Barrels 2018 Results

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Thank you to everyone who came, tasted and voted! We had over two hundred people between the two sessions and with all your votes gathered some VERY valuable information. Below you will find a chart with the number of first place, second place and total overall votes for each barrel tasted. Also listed is what each barrel will ultimately be bottled as.

For more information on the growing season of the two years, click here to read Paul’s write up. Once again, thank you for all your help and we look forward to seeing you on your next visit to
Still Waters Vineyards!!!

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Pet of the Month at Still Waters

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Here at Still Waters, we LOVE our furry friends. We wanted to highlight the animals that help make Still Waters such a wonderful, inviting place! Do you have a pet that fits this bill? Let us know! We’d love to feature them in our monthly newsletter.

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Employee Spotlight- Taylor, Tasting Room Manager

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1. Where were you born and raised?
I was born in LA but my family moved to Paso Robles when I was two. I graduated from Paso Robles High School and went to college at UCSD. After I graduated, I moved back to the area. I love the small town feel and the slower pace of SLO county. It is also one of the most beautiful places!
2. To you, what makes your job as tasting room manager so special?
I have a cool job for a variety of reasons. I feel very blessed to work at such a beautiful place and with the best people. I enjoy running the tasting room and giving people wonderful experiences. I’m always learning new things and that makes this a dynamic job. I also have wonderful customers and I have grown close to many of them over my years with Still Waters. It’s nice having people remember you and ask about your life!
3. What is your biggest challenge as tasting room manager?
You always must be charming and engaging, even when you’re exhausted! And you never know what’s going to walk through the door… which is both a good and bad thing sometimes! But I’m so fortunate that most of our customers are absolute dreams and love being here!
4. How do you like to spend your days off?
I like to try to recharge on my days off. If I’m feeling virtuous I’ll do all my laundry and do all the cleaning I’ve been putting off. Have lunch with my mom, go to the gym, and read a book. I also have a side business where I do hand lettering! I’m especially busy during wedding season- but I love sharing my favorite hobby and making people’s big day more beautiful! You can check out my work on my Instagram and Facebook- Bauble and Twig Lettering!
5. If you had to choose one red and one white to drink for the next month, what would it be?
Does sparkling wine count as a white? Because I’d choose a nice dry sparkling wine any day for ever and ever, amen! As for red… I choose our Reflections because it’s smooth, bright and deliciously flavored!

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