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What better way to celebrate Fall in Paso Robles than with one of our favorite varieties, Merlot?! October was national Merlot month, we’re keeping the Merlot party going into November!


Merlot, a French variety, comes from the word “merle” meaning “blackbird.” This grape is great, not just for blending but as a stand alone. Merlot is the second most planted grape in the world and the most planted in Bodeauex. Just like us, Merlot is made from something. Cab Franc is the father of merlot and the mother is Magdeliene Noire des Charentes. This grape is old, estoic and was discovered through DNA testing.


Merlot is a special variety here at Still Waters. Our growing conditions are ideally suited to grow quality, delicious merlot grapes. Often considered a “non-merlot” Merlot, ours is of well balanced tannins, acid, bright ripe fruit flavors of cherry and plum. A merlot can pair with a wide variety of foods – roast chicken, Thanksgiving dinner, red pasta and so much more!

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