The Vineyard

The vineyard is located in an area with soils and climate perfect for growing premium wine grapes. Soils rich in limestone and shale balanced with loams and clay provide good drainage and proper nutrients for growing grape vines. The ranch is located on hills that slope gently from the north to the south, giving the vines the perfect exposure to the summer sun as it rises and sets in the El Pomar district. Light afternoon winds blow through the vines providing good airflow through the canopy for proper ripening. As the sun sets, the onshore winds flow from the Pacific Ocean cooling the vineyard to night temperatures in the 50°s. The 40°-50° daily temperature swings allow the fruit to cool at night, lengthening the ripening process to intensify the flavor and allowing the seeds to mature, providing proper tannin and flavors. All of these influences from Mother Nature help create the perfect balance of Still Waters Vineyards estate wines.


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