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Purchase Grapes 2024

We at Still Waters Vineyards have been wine makers for years, and we understand what you want. We have 60 acres and fourteen different varieties specializing in low-yield and high-quality fruit. Blocks are managed to the wine makers specifications. We have our own lab on sight for accurate year- round information.

Click here for the “Paul in the Vineyard” YouTube playlist dedicated to the life cycle of a bottle of wine!

Wine Maker Benefits:

  • Encouraged to visit the vineyard for pre-harvest tours.
  • We offer easy fruit pick-up times that are convenient for the weekend wine makers. All fruit is harvested in the early morning and is ready for pick-up between 9-11 am. Larger amounts will be determined before harvest.
  • You can call Paul Hoover for advice on growing and winemaking, as well as staying informed on the sugar, acid, and pH levels of your fruit. Expect weekly emails on pH, Brix, and TA.
  • Crushing services and clear juice available for white wine fermentation. Please contact for pricing.
  • Purchases can range from 200 lbs to 25 ton trucks.
  • All buyers will be invited to a post-harvest celebrations barbeque at the ranch. Bring your bottle of last year’s production and share what you made with your fellow wine makers!

Orders will be accepted starting Tuesday, January 2nd 2024.

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Variety 1+ tons 1/2 ton – 1 ton <1/2 ton
Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon – 500lb minimum $3000/ton $1.60/lb. $1.70/lb.
Valley Cabernet Sauvignon $2600/ton $1.40/lb. $1.60/lb.
Merlot $2600/ton $1.40/lb. $1.60/lb.
Petite Sirah $2800/ton $1.50/lb. $1.80/lb.
Syrah $2800/ton $1.50/lb. $1.80/lb.
Primitivo $2800/ton $1.50/lb. $1.80/lb.
Zinfandel $2800/ton $1.50/lb. $1.80/lb.
Cabernet Franc  $3200/ton $1.70/lb. $1.80/lb.
Malbec $2800/ton $1.40/lb. $1.60/lb.
Chardonnay  $2800/ton $1.50/lb. $1.70/lb.
Viognier $2800/ton $1.50/lb. $1.70/lb.
Pinot Gris $2800/ton $1.50/lb. $1.70/lb.
Sauvignon Blanc $2800/ton $1.50/lb. $1.70/lb.

Please email or call for pricing on orders of 3 tons or more.

Order fruit >

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