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The Vineyard

The vineyard is located in an area with soils and climate perfect for growing premium wine grapes. Soils rich in limestone and shale balanced with loams and clay provide good drainage and proper nutrients for growing grape vines. The ranch is located on hills that slope gently from the north to the south, giving the vines the perfect exposure to the summer sun as it rises and sets in the El Pomar district. Light afternoon winds blow through the vines providing good airflow through the canopy for proper ripening. As the sun sets, the onshore winds flow from the Pacific Ocean cooling the vineyard to night temperatures in the 50°s. The 40°-50° daily temperature swings allow the fruit to cool at night, lengthening the ripening process to intensify the flavor and allowing the seeds to mature, providing proper tannin and flavors. All of these influences from Mother Nature help create the perfect balance of Still Waters Vineyards estate wines.

Sustainable Farming

Still Waters Vineyard

Still Waters Vineyards focuses its wine growing techniques on sustainable practices. We are proud to be using best management practices in all decisions that are made in the winery and vineyard. We are committed to quality in both the fruit production and the quality care of our employees. We strive to take a whole farm approach,  meaning our goal is sustainability of the worker, soil fertility, cover crops, wildlife, native plants, air quality, water quality and conservation, and pest management.

Our goal is to uphold the 3 E’s of sustainability

1. Environmentally

barrels in front of the vinayard

2. Equitable

harvesting grapes

3. Economically

grapes on the vine

Here are a few of our sustainable efforts at Still Waters Vineyards:

  • The use of cover crops to provide erosion control and supplemental nutrients to the soil.
  • Owl and bat boxes surround the vineyard. The owl boxes encourage the habitation of natural predators to help with pest management.
  • We have a sustainable vegetable garden for our employees and guests to enjoy. Provides nutrients and bio matter to the soil while enriching the lives of those that enjoy the vegetables.
  • We have about 40 hens on the property which roam throughout the vineyard providing natural fertilizer to the property and also fresh eggs for employees and guests.
  • Water Management – we carefully track and monitor the amount of water used. Using a complex set of computerized moisture probes, we water only the exact amount the vines need.
  • All waste from the winery including barrels and pumice is reused or repurposed back into the ground.
  • By hand harvesting our vineyard, there is less soil compaction leading to less erosion.
  • We have a beautiful pond with recirculating water providing fresh water to many local and migratory birds.
  • Still Waters Vineyards is Solar Powered. Our  solar panels provide 100% of the energy needed for the winery, tasting room and 85% of the vineyard needs.


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