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Abundant with Fresh Bounty

Posted on by Still Waters Vineyards

Here at Still Waters we feel pretty blessed. From our delicious wines to our gorgeous grounds, it’s hard to not fall in love with the beauty of it all. This month we are particularly excited because not only are we producing some of our favorite vintages, but our vegetable garden is positively exploding. For some years now we have planted fruit trees and vegetables to produce fresh bounty all summer long. We love that we can participate in our own style of the farm to table movement (vineyard to table?) and share our goodies with guests.¬†All month long and until the garden decides to pack up for the season we will be offering complimentary fruits and vegetables plucked from our gardens. vegiesYou can choose from a variety of tomatoes in different shapes and sizes, onions, squash, peppers, tomatillos, green beans, and even stone fruit.

In addition to all the fresh vegetables, we have our very own flock of hens providing delicious farm fresh eggs. chickensIf you are interested in taking home a piece of Still Waters, make sure to check out our olive seedlings for sale from our 125 year old Spanish olive trees.

There truly is something for everyone!



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