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Hello Fall…

Posted on by Still Waters Vineyards

img_20160921_151335255_hdrHello first day of fall! It is finally that time of year where the air starts to shift and the leaves start to change. Out we pull boots and sweaters even though it’s still 80 degrees during the day –  just because we are so ready for Autumn to grace us with her presence. Fall is a time of transition…from months of hot sun, and sunscreen slick skin to crinkly leaves and comfort food. We know it’s not quite time for us to bundle up for the season, but we can’t help but want to embrace the change. For us, that’s choosing a wine and a recipe to kick off our fall-centric aspirations. We want a wine that can take us from Summer to Fall without getting too ahead of ourselves. We want to respect the warm autumn sun and the cool breezy nights. So we’ve thought about it for you. Merlot and Cab seem obvious choices…we have all winter to dig into those…so let’s compromise. What about a Rosé? Sure it sounds like a ubiquitous summer wine, but it is much more than that. It is the wine that transcends both red and white. It cannot be contained in one category, much like the season of Fall. Here at Still Waters we think Rosé is as fun as can be. Utilizing a “drip tray” technique, we create a wine that is light and dry, smelling of maraschino cherries and tasting faintly like bright green apple. It is transparently crimson, holding onto its last vestiges of rouge tint; yet it is fresh and acidic, just like those bright warm Autumn mornings and evenings. This is a wine that does not demand fancy, just fresh and hearty. We want to compliment those bright flavors with something savory and delicious, with just the right amount of hearty flaseafood-paellare. After much thought, we think that we’ve got a recipe to pair along with this wine to span the gap between summer and fall. We love the idea of a fresh seafood paella, with all of its briny marine bounty and spice to enhance the flavors of our Rosé. Truly, does nothing sound better than cooking up a large pot of this luscious fare and pairing it with a truly sublime, multifaceted Rosé? We didn’t think so.

Click here for the delicious Seafood Paella recipe from Epicurious

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