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Spring at Still Waters

Posted on by Still Waters Vineyards

It’s mid-April and we want to share how special the vineyard is this time of year. From baby green leaves poking out from the vines to a new rooster ruling the hen house, Spring has sprung on the vineyard. The days are getting warmer and guests are basking in the sunlight while they taste. After a wet winter, the gardens are flourishing.

This month you can see tulips, irises, wild flowers, and the first roses are blooming. Our vegetable garden has been planted and as you’ll see in the photos below, we are trying some new things to ensure a hearty crop! Paul is determined, after all these years, to outsmart the hungry birds and save our tomatoes. Upon suggestion from our guys, he created a netted defense for the delicate tomato plants to have a chance at success. Although one could argue that with Johnny Cats prowling the gardens, the smarter birds might look for a tasty snack in another garden.

David and his crew have been bottling for the last month. All the 2018 whites are bottled and there are some surprises to be released this Summer! We are also excited at the prospects of some of our favorite wines being ready for the Fall wine club shipment. Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and more are all slated to be bottled this Spring. There is much to look forward to and we hope you find the time to join us!

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